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At the heart of our service is a marketplace for connecting guest speakers with businesses seeking to be more creative in how they develop, support and motivate their staff; all powered by our powerful platform.

There are a number of challenges in developing learning and development programmes for employers.

  1. Subject ideation and focus. Guest speaker lectures and sessions are best suited for topics that don’t fit into typical online, skills-based training course structure. They should also be expert-led – topics that your staff will be better off learning face-to-face with an expert so that they can ask questions or perhaps have examples adapted to your particular business or industry. Our platform provides you with a broad catalog of topics to choose from – searchable, categorised with tags, and user reviewed and rated.
  2. Sourcing guest speakers. Once you have a topic in mind for your staff, finding qualified speakers who are available and relatively local to you is another huge issue. For each lecture on our platform, we show all relevant expert speakers – this includes their qualifications, user-ratings, how much they charge, and how far they are from your registered address.
  3. Fully managed. All booking requests are sent via our platform. The platform handles all scheduling, billing and also a messaging feature for you and the lecturer to discuss details and customisation.

Booking a guest speaker for a session has never been easier. Simply browse the catalog of available topics or search based on a keyword or tag, select a guest speaker, and then proceed with the booking process. We handle everything.

For subject matter experts, the platform couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Register to deliver lectures. If you see a session that you are qualified (experience and knowledge) to present, then simply register by providing your qualifications and charging rate. That’s it.
  2. Add new lecture topics. If you have topics that are currently not on the system, add them. Provide the title, description, tags and our moderation team will normally approve within 72 hours.
  3. Fully managed. All booking requests are sent via our platform and you have the option to approve, reject or request different dates. It handles all scheduling, billing and also a messaging feature for you and the host customer to hash out any details or customisation.

The platform is currently in a closed beta phase and so if you would like to have access, please contact us below to request an invite code.

Request a beta invite

Our platform is currently in a closed beta phase, but please contact us if you would like to get an invite code for access.