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Example Sessions

We have built an extensive catalogue of lectures that can be booked via our platform. Each topic has multiple experts available to deliver them and are located near your offices to reduce travel. Here’s a selection of our most popular ones, but please get in touch to discuss what is available on our platform.

Charts on a computer.

Chart crime. How to stop it.

This session takes a look at how to present information in a spin-positive way but without undermining the integrity of your message. This is a case-study driven session that will offer an “identification parade” of offenders so that we can better understand what went wrong and how these crimes could have been prevented.

Brands on a computer

Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour

The aim of the lecture is to change the conception of brands as being an organisation’s visual identity (e.g., logo) and image (customers’ brand associations) to an experience along “moments-that-matter” along the customer journey and, therefore, delivered by people across the entire organisation. Brands are thus not only an external promise to customers, but a means of executing business strategy via internal brand-led behaviour and culture change.

Two people negotiating a solution

Negotiation: How to Get (More of) What You Want

You spend a significant part of your day negotiating, whether you’re always aware of it or not. Negotiating effectively helps you reach agreements, achieve objectives, strengthen your relationships, and ultimately be more productive. An entrepreneur needs strong analytic skills to develop optimal solutions to problems, but they also need negotiation expertise to implement these solutions and bring them to market. In this session you will gain valuable insight into how to be a more effective negotiator and secure more of what you want in life.

Designing a voice interface

Introduction to voice interface design

In this lecture, attendees will learn all about designing conversations for chatbots and voice bots. You will be guided through the most common misconceptions of voice and chatbot design with solutions you’ll be able to implement immediately.

In the first part, we focus on chatbots and designing conversations for chatbots. And in the second part, we focus on Voice interfaces and designing conversations for voice bots. Designing for voice interfaces and chatbots have some crucial differences. Avoid common mistakes that prevent good user experience.

Data protection on a phone

Data Protection and Marketing

This is a two-hour session with a focus on marketing your organisation effectively, whilst considering UK privacy legislation requirements and responsibilities. It will provide delegates with the knowledge to positively market their organisation whilst demonstrating accountability to their data subjects and the industry regulator, The Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Everyday business examples will be used throughout the lecture to ensure relevance to the subject matter for the audience.

A developer with a blockchain sign for web3

Web3 and why it’s the future

Web3 promises to be a decentralised (user-centric) version of the web where power will no longer lie in the hands of big tech platforms but in the hands of users who will own their own data. The impact could be huge: power shifts, privacy, security, trust, equality, interoperability, etc. It has the potential to change how we handle money (DeFi), how we organise ourselves (DOAs) and how we perform business (business model changes). It is also laden with new terminology such as the blockchain, NFT’s and crypto tokens. This session will explain the concepts behind Web3, why it is important and how you can start to integrate it into your business (with real world examples).

Need a hot topic?

We have many more topics on our platform and can deliver custom topics too. Contact us below to discuss your needs in more detail.