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Share your expertise

You can share your specialist knowledge to companies around you by creating and delivering one or two hour lectures. Earn more from your expertise and help companies improve their staff retention by helping to build a continuous learning culture in their organisations.


Share your subject-matter expertise with interested and engaged employees. Often these are topics that do not need a longer format. For example, one of our lectures introduces delegates to all things crypto – helping to build a better understanding of the topic including the terminology, current state of play and why it will be important for the future. This can be delivered in a short session that keeps attendees engaged and minimises their time away from “core” work.

You might be a training consultant or university lecturer or perhaps even one of the one million people that left full-time employment during the pandemic. In order to deliver a session with Lecture Circuit, you need just two attributes:

  1. Expertise. You must possess subject-matter expertise in the topic that you plan to teach. This will need to be specified and verified in the “qualifications” section for each topic on our platform before you can be registered.
  2. Presentation skills. You must have experience in public speaking, training or lecturing. Our sessions are designed to be interesting and engaging and so your skills in bringing a topic to life is at the core of our offer to customers.

Once you have established this minimum requirement, the topics that you teach are completely up to you.

You can register for existing topics on our platform. Simply browse the available topics and if you see something that you are qualified to teach, simply register by adding your qualifications and rate. Just a couple of clicks and you are ready to go.

Additionally, you can add your own topics to our system. Add the name of the session, the description, perhaps some tags and then as above, your own qualifications and rate. These will then be reviewed by our content moderators and made live on the system as soon as possible.


Although the sessions are short, the fee you charge does not need to be small. Often, our lecturers charge what some might consider a day rate for a one or two hour session. You set the fee and it is fixed. The benefit to the company is that they are not restricted on the number of attendees for your session. This makes it a compelling proposition when they take the average cost per attendee into account. Everybody wins.

Our platform is a marketplace and so your rate is available for customers to see compared with other speakers. This doesn’t mean that there will be a downward price spiral as each speaker has unique attributes and varying levels of expertise. Additionally, your location from the customer may also be taken into account when booking the speaker. Each customer will have their own criteria.


Our platform takes care of the marketing and all administration. You specify the topics and sessions that you can deliver. You can also add the days/times when you are typically available during a week and the distance you are willing to travel. Once this is in place, our system takes care of everything else including the booking management, scheduling changes, billing and payment. This leaves you free to focus on delivering the best sessions possible.


You have the flexibility to deliver as few or as many lectures as you like – from one per month to several per week. This is completely down to you and the available demand for your lectures.

Profit from your knowledge

If you would like to share your subject matter expertise with companies as a regular guest speaker, then please get in touch below.