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Create a learning culture

We help businesses develop a continuous learning culture by offering regular lectures for employees that last one to two hours on a variety of interesting and useful topics for them and your business.

Staff perk for better retention and recruitment

Training is considered one of the most important benefits that an employer can offer by its employees. Providing access to online skills training is considered useful, but it is considered a passive form of investment in your staff. Active training like lectures from industry experts demonstrate a real interest in your teams development and well-being.

An in-person training event makes people feel connected and more in tune with the mission of the business. Your staff can discuss it together and reflect on what they learned. Managers can reference it in their discussions with staff as well. Employees feel more connected with the company and know that they are doing the right thing in their day-to-day jobs. In fact, a LinkedIn report found that “learning together increases [employee] engagement”.

When employees feel connected, they are significantly more likely to report high job satisfaction. If employees think they are in silos, then they’re more likely to leave. Training breaks down those silos and provides people with the opportunity to learn and grow together.

An investment in staff education goes a long way to keeping employees around too. Many workers — particularly younger workers — value training because they link it with opportunity. Another LinkedIn study found that 40 percent of workers 24 and younger would talk to their manager before making a career change if they were offered “access to additional opportunities to learn and grow within the workplace.”

Inexpensive and cost-effective

Unlike traditional training, the cost of each lecture is fixed and not charged “per head’“. This means that the cost of each lecture is unrelated to the number of people who attend providing incredible value compared with other forms of “traditional” training. For example, a lecture that might cost £400 to be delivered and is attended by 40 people results in an average cost per person of just £10.

Combine these low “per attendee” costs with the incredible return on investment (300%) that staff training delivers and you would be hard-pressed to find a better investment opportunity for your business.

In fact, the research found companies that invested in training and development had:

  • 21% increase in productivity
  • 24% higher profit margin
  • 300% reduction in employee turnover
  • 218% higher income per employee

In person, at your offices

Although video delivery of our sessions is possible, we highly recommend that our lectures are delivered on site at your offices. We feel that you and your staff will get the most out of our experts and the sessions that they run.

If you offer a hybrid working environment, then our sessions are the perfect incentive to get everyone in the office on a particular day. They can be promoted as the highlight of that day as a “lunch and learn” session or perhaps part of a staff “all hands” meeting each month.

The evidence also shows that younger employees (millennials and generation-z) surprisingly prefer “face-to-face” communication as they create opportunities to collaborate and network.

Short, bite-sized sessions

Lectures are either one or two hours depending on the topic. This means that they minimise your team’s time away from their working day. Furthermore, microlearning (sometimes referred to as “snackable” content) appeals to many millennial or generation-z employees who are said to prefer shorter, more regular sessions. With microlearning, they can focus on achieving a single objective and utilise their time more effectively.

Here are some of the other benefits of microlearning:

  • Faster/shorter delivery of information
  • Cost-effective
  • Appeals to a short-attention span
  • Minimises impact on busy work day
  • High rate of engagement
  • Better performance and learner’s experience
  • Better knowledge retention

Many employees grew up using technology from an early age. It is natural for them to find quick answers to their problems through apps, search engines and social media which is far more appealing to them than going through long training sessions. This doesn’t mean that longer-duration courses are not good; it simply means that organisations should consider incorporating some form of microlearning into their training and development strategy to supplement traditional and online learning.

Money-back guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our experts and the knowledge of the subject that they are delivering. All speakers must also be experienced in presenting in a similar environment. Many are university lecturers and training consultants.

These are the two guarantees we make – 1) subject matter knowledge and 2) experience in presenting.

For any speaker that has not previously presented our sessions, we offer a money-back guarantee. This means that we are providing you with a risk-free opportunity to improve the knowledge of your employees and to create a continuous learning culture.


Many corporate customer events include sessions from your management and staff. These are useful, relevant and essential for building strong relationships with your clients. But have you considered bringing in a guest speaker for the event?

Our sessions don’t just improve your relationship with employees, they can also make your corporate events more interesting. Perhaps consider inserting a one hour lecture in your next customer/vendor day on a topic that is relevant for them – future trends, legal issues, industry economics or emergent technology; your very own TED Talk.

Boost staff morale today

If you would like to learn more about our unique alternative to regular, boring staff training, then please get in touch below.