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About Us

Attendees at a lecture asking questions

Our Story

Lecture Circuit was created from frustration with the current options for investing in employee’s professional development.

Frustration with out of date, all day, classroom training for staff that felt that they only benefited from 20% of the content and wasted 80% of the time away from their work.

Frustration with online skills training that can be highly effective, but abdicate all responsibility to the employees who consider it as essential as a stand-up desk and bean-to-cup coffee; definitely not as an investment nor a perk.

In previous companies, our founders introduced guest speakers on topics that were not covered by existing online or formal training. Narrow, focussed topics that could be delivered in short sessions by leading experts in their field.

These regular guest sessions became a monthly highlight for staff. They bragged about them in interviews with recruits and as a clear investment in their development, improved retention.

They are effective, entertaining and enhance existing online training programmes.

Our platform

Despite the huge success of running guest speaker sessions for staff, that frustration raised its ugly head again when it came time to create topics and find the experts who were able to deliver them.

You can easily spend hours trying to find someone who is both qualified and available to deliver a session for a specific day on which you had planned an all-hands meeting, lunch and learn or perhaps corporate off-site.

We’ve developed a platform that takes care of this whole process. It is a marketplace that offers experts the ability to add their own topics or register for any existing topic where they have the necessary expertise and experience. It also allows employers the ability to search for hundreds of relevant topics and instantly see a list of experts that are located nearby.

As you would expect, all scheduling, billing and communication is also handled by the platform.

It supercharges the benefits of guest speaker sessions for your staff and makes it easy for training planners and employers to plan and schedule these sessions effectively.

Developers working on our platform for managing lectures

Our commitment

We know what it takes to deliver successful guest speaker sessions to your staff. We have topics and expert speakers ready to make it work for you. If we don’t have a topic already in our system, we will help develop it into a session and find the experts ready to deliver it.

Employees in a guest speaker session