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Big expertise.
Small sessions.

We connect subject matter experts with companies that are committed to building a learning culture and want to supplement online and classroom training with regular one or two hour guest speaker sessions. Unlike most forms of staff training, the costs are fixed which means that they can be delivered to any number of attendees at a cost per employee as low as £10 per person.

Fixed Price

A cost-effective way to bring your team together for learning where sessions are not priced based on the number of attendees, but on the content and expert delivering it.

Bite-sized Sessions

Each session is either one or two hours which minimises the time away from “core-work” yet maximises attention when everyone is so busy.

Staff Perk

Regular lectures on a variety of topics each month becomes a job perk and a commitment to building a continuous learning culture.

A guest speaker giving a lecture to a small group

Invest in your team

Regular guest lectures on topics that are highly focussed, relevant and engaging will show your staff that you are investing in their professional development and help nurture a learning culture.

Profit from your expertise

If you are a subject matter expert with specialist knowledge and experience, you can share your knowledge to an interested audience and earn in an hour or two what you might normally consider charging for a day.

A lecturer giving a talk as a guest speaker

Popular sessions

Web3 and why it’s the future.

Web3 promises to be a decentralised (user-centric) version of the web where power will no longer lie in the hands of big tech platforms but in the hands of users who will own their own data. The impact could be huge: power shifts, privacy, security, trust, equality, interoperability, etc.  It has the potential to change how we handle money (DeFi), how we organise ourselves (DOAs) and how we perform business (business model changes).  It is also laden with new terminology such as the blockchain, NFT’s and crypto tokens.  This session will explain the concepts behind Web3, why it is important and how you can start to integrate it into your business (with real world examples).   

1 hour. Onsite.

Telling more powerful and purposeful stories with data

No-one in any organisation ever says “I just don’t have enough data” these days. For most people, data threatens to overwhelm them and they just can’t see the forest for the trees. And yet – used right – data holds the key for more impactful, persuasive storytelling in almost all jobs in the modern knowledge economy. In this entertaining, wide-ranging, and practical talk, master data storyteller Sam Knowles shows how to bring together the sometimes fire-and-ice worlds of stories and statistics by dialling up our humanity, empathy, and understanding of our audience’s likely data tolerance.

1 or 2 hours. Onsite.

Behavioural economics principles for marketers  

We all have 100s of cognitive biases that influence our daily behaviour – so do your customers. That’s why – despite your objectively great products, services and campaigns – you may not be getting the outcomes you need; whether it’s revenue, action or customer satisfaction and loyalty. This session will provide you with a better understanding of behavioural economics and how it can be applied in marketing. Learn quick and simple ways to influence consumer behaviour with tried and tested techniques based on scientific principles and marketing psychology. 

1 or 2 hours. Onsite.  

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